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I wasn’t going to write today; there are still gifts to be bought, bags to packed, and cookies to be baked. But then I came across Fran’s post and I took it as a sign to take a moment to do just a little bit of writing. At the beginning of this beautiful reflection, she shared some of the prompts that WordPress has been sending. While she interwove all of them into one, I thought I’d just try one:

What are five things you’re good at?

In no particular order, and more likely what someone else has said, and not necessarily what I believe…

  1. Baking cookies-bringing all of the ingredients pre-measured and ready to go to my sister’s house this weekend because she loves a good chocolate crinkle cookie and I’m a good big sister.
  2. Getting people to open up-maybe because I’m open book. I’ll tell anyone who will listen, my story.
  3. Writing in cursive-but does anybody do this anymore?
  4. Reading aloud-sometimes my students would insist I reread a chapter of our book if the sub read it to them in my absence.
  5. Googling how to fix IT issues-my in-laws literally make a list and save it until we go to visit or if it’s dire, they’ll give me a call. They have three adult children, two that live within 20 minutes of them. My husband and I live 5+ hours away. Oh wait, maybe I’m good at explaining…

Enough about me! What about you? What would go on your list?

  1. Molly Hogan says:

    I’ve really been enjoying the WordPress prompts and responded to this one last week…or maybe the week before? It’s all a blur! Anyway, I’m glad it nudged you to write and I enjoyed reading your responses. Enjoy the holidays!

  2. This is an uplifting post to read during the holiday craziness – a reminder to keep faith in ourselves. We are enough! I envy your IT skills – my son helps me with these issues.

  3. Fran Haley says:

    Vivian, I’m delighted this prompt spoke to you! Moreover, I enjoyed reading about five of the surely numerous things you’re good at. I almost put Googling on my own list…I look things up all the time. Whatever did we do before?? You are most certainly a good big sister…I can almost taste those chocolate crinkles. A joyous holiday to all!

  4. Juliette says:

    I only noticed the today’s prompt and thought I could use it another day. The prompt you answered is great, as it makes you realize there are many things you are good at and some of them are not so obvious.

  5. Debbie Lynn says:

    Good for you taking a moment to list your great qualities. I love writing in cursive- I find great pleasure and calmness when I sit down to write a letter. And I love baking cookies and a day never went by that I didn’t read to my students. I wish I had the art of getting people to open and talk to me, but I don’t. Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

  6. I wonder why I’ve never received writing prompts from Word Press. I think it’s important to recognize and acknowledge what we do well, especially when our skills can serve others as yours do students, parents, sister, etc. A couple things I do well: plan travel, think of writing topics and titles. Happy Holidays!

  7. Fun prompt! It’s the anti-negativity bias prompt. I like the way you put the prompt in big bold letters. I’d love to share this with my students. It’s such good practice naming, owning, identifying strengths. I agree with Maureen that this writing is uplifting! Thanks.

  8. Terje says:

    I think it was great that you didn’t skip writing and used this prompt to write a positive list about yourself. This kind of list is warmer than any resume. Here’s my quick list of things that come to my mind first: read, write, listen, dance, bake. I think having baking skills is magical.



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