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Last Friday night I got to see Lizzo perform live and what a performance it was! High energy, musical greatness, infectious joy and an overarching message of loving yourself. All things I’d love for all the girls in my life to experience. But would it be appropriate?

There were quite a few young girls at this show–under 10 years old, some looking to be about 7 or 8. None of Lizzo’s performance made me wonder about whether or not it was appropriate for them to be there, even though there was a heavy use of the word b****. But my husband didn’t like that. Nor did he like that we saw a mom taking pictures of her young tween and teen girls under this sign:

I didn’t mind. (Also, I think someone scratched out the P in pretty.)

But, what about the Latto performance? During her set, she sang about women’s reproductive rights in a song titled, “P****”. She performed a song during which she simulated some graphic sex acts. Overall, the message was female empowerment, which I am 100% behind. I just don’t know if 7 and 8 year olds are ready to hear it in this packaging. I also wonder how we’ve decided what’s “appropriate” anyway. There are certain standards I’ve come to see differently because I now know they’re rooted in racism or sexism.

I’m going to sit with this one for a bit, but I wonder what other people think?

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