With nearly 30 years of experience as a teacher, literacy coach, and staff developer, I provide personalized professional learning experiences around culturally responsive literacy practices. The work I do is founded on pedagogy that is student-centered, asset-based, well-researched, and joyful. I believe that transformational PD is built on positive relationships and learning experiences designed to build on educators' capacity.
Together we can create the conditions for all students to thrive.

Let's Work Together

•demonstration a variety of teaching methods
• coaching and supporting educators as they try out the work together or individually

• facilitating PLC study groups to learn or deepen understanding of specific topics
• grade-level teams or with interest-based groups

• planning, reflecting, and problem-solving with teachers, coaches, or administrators
• individualized support and coaching around a topic or issue
• classroom organization and set up for student learning

Classroom Demonstrations and coaching


Staff development

1-1 Strategy sessions

• partial or full-day workshops on a variety of responsive literacy topics, including writing workshop, interactive read aloud, shared reading, foundational reading,  academic talk, and more

"Vivian provided customized professional development to our staff for the past 3 years around Writer's Workshop. She comes with a breadth of knowledge across grade level spans. Her flexibility is much appreciated in meeting the unique needs of teachers and where they are within their writing journey. We have seen tremendous growth within our teachers and students because of the intentional work that Vivian did with our school site. We couldn't have done this work amidst a pandemic without Vivian."

-mariela moscal

| principal

-kimberly castaneda

"Vivian is personable, professional, and highly knowledgeable in her craft. I love discussing strategies with her and often watch her in admiration when she models techniques. She makes me and my students feel empowered. Vivian provides a safe space to learn and grow while adding a little bit of fun and humor to each training. She is a true gem."

| teacher

-nhung ha

"Vivian is a mentor who is understanding, knowledgeable, compassionate, and goes above and beyond to support our needs in the classroom. During this challenging school year, not only has Vivian provided guidance in teaching Writer's Workshop, but she has also supported our needs in meeting our students where they are at in writing, post-pandemic."

| teacher