Hey there! I'm Vivian. Sometimes I write about life and sometimes I write about teaching.

Yesterday I was presenting a PD and more than one teacher said to me, “You’re so funny!” Moi?

Some people like to be told they look pretty or their outfit is snazzy. Not me. Tell me I’m funny and you’ll be my best friend for life.

It’s true, I love making people laugh. That coupled with a rather tumultuous childhood always made me think I could be a comedian. (I believe comedians all have a dark side.) But it turns out, it’s one thing to be the funny friend and another to actually write jokes. A few years ago I tried one out on my husband. His blank stare told me everything I needed to know. I guess he didn’t get it.

Maybe I need to go to school for joke-writing? Let me put that on my to-do list for when I retire. Until then I’ll just be the funny friend.

  1. Abigail Lund says:

    You could be the next Marvelous Mrs. Masiel ! I love making people laugh too… my husband always laughs at my jokes sincerely and it makes me feel like 100 bucks. I think the key is finding someone that thinks you are funny too.

  2. arjeha says:

    Making people laugh is a gift. Let’s face it, in these times we all need s Good laugh.

  3. Trish says:

    I only wish I could be the funny one! Instead I surround myself with those so much more clever than I and am a terrific straightan, and laugher…I love that role!

  4. Tam Truong says:

    Being funny is hard! I wish I had a quicker sense of humor. But I married a funny man to make up for my own lack of a funny bone. And I’m now thinking that’s why he married me…because I laugh at his jokes!

  5. That’s awesome! I love it when people think I’m funny too, although I’m not all that funny, lol.

  6. Heidi Allum says:

    I really like to think I can be funny…but it generally just comes out saracastic and asshole-ish. Perhaps that is the darker side you speak of! Now I want to see you in action doing a PD session…

  7. amyilene says:

    Funny is hard!! And it sounds like you do it well…thanks for the Slice!



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