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This morning I woke up extra early; I was going to do something I haven’t done since March 2020! I already had my outfit ready to go. I checked the directions the night before so I’d know where I was going. I nervously got ready with lots of questions and wonderings running through my mind:

Is this going to be awkward?
I hope it’s clear what I’m supposed to do.
I wonder if there will be a lot of people.
Am I really up for this?
Does my vaccination really make me safe enough for this?

Yep, I went to the gym. Something that was so routine for me just over a year ago had become a totally new and nerve-racking experience.

What other things are going to be new again as the world opens up?

  1. arjeha says:

    We are meting with friends we haven’t seen in over a year on Thursday for lunch. We had monthly lunches before all this hit. I understand your wonderings and questions because we have them too.

  2. Denise Krebs says:

    Vivian, I hope your gym visit went well. It is not going to be easy to lighten up on the safety protocols we’ve been doing for over a year. Peace as you continue to go through “new nerve-racking experiences”

  3. I hope it all went smoothly. Keep moving at your own pace and comfort level. It’s a challenging transition for sure.

  4. Lainie Levin says:

    I remember first going to the gym. It felt…surreal. Luckily, my gym had it all take care of: individual stations with separate equipment for all, mask mandates, time built in for sanitizing equipment. It was STILL strange. So tell us. How did it go?

    • vivian chen says:

      Hi Lainie! I do feel the gym did a good job with keeping things sanitized and there was a limited number of people allowed. It’s one of those gyms that only does group classes. I went back, but it was still weird everytime. (But maybe that was more about my physical strength or lack thereof. LOL)

  5. cvarsalona says:

    It is the time for questioning our new practices that really were old. It might feel strange but I am sure we will all be cautious. It is those who are not reflective, I worry about. My family gathers now without masks since we are all vaccinated but the little ones. We even have eaten at a restaurant outside but put on our masks when we went inside for the bathroom run. I have not tried the gym yet.



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