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When I hear the word Friday, the F words that usually come to mind are fun, fantastic, fabulous! But this Friday morning I woke up with the F word in mind.

This weekend was supposed to be an easy trip up north to visit my family–a quick flight up after school and a quick fly home at the end of the weekend. But due to some logistical annoyances and an another unexpected family event, I find myself frantically figuring things out while thinking, “F—! F—! F—!”

But all of these annoyances are nothing when I stop to remember the things happening in the world today, and they will all be worthwhile because I’ll get to see my family. And that’s my favorite F word. (Well, it might be second to that other one. 😉)

Happy Friday!

Can’t wait to see my baby sister!!!
  1. rdicarne says:

    Your title drew me in, and your post made me smile! Safe travels.

  2. arjeha says:

    Enjoy your trip. Have a “funtastic” weekend.

  3. Trish says:

    This is short and wonderful! Funny, yet proFound in its own way. Enjoy your Family . That other F** word? Where would we be without it? (What a terrific photo of you and your sister. Big smile.)

  4. This is a clever and fun slice. Filled with fabulous and funny alliteration:)

  5. Abigail Lund says:

    Is it bad to say I came to this blog excited someone else loves the “f” word. LOL There are lots of good “f” words — thanks for making me giggle today.



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