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I admit it. That title was just clickbait. But now that I have your attention, here’s a short reflection on meeting fellow educators online. Apparently it’s a theme because I’ve already written about this before.

Recently, on a drive home, I was composing a TikTok in my head. Most of the time that’s where they stay. I was thinking of a way to share some of my favorite books about the ineffectiveness of extrinsic rewards systems. I even thought I would actually film and post this one. Then when I got home, I started scrolling Instagram and another educator that I followed had posted a Reel about the exact same topic I had been thinking of–same books and everything.

I left an appreciative comment and shared that I was thinking about the same thing that day. Next thing I know she’d invited me to do a collab with her. Within hours we had a shared doc with ideas on it and a goal to get something posted this week.

I just found this whole interaction so fascinating. As a Gen Xer I still can’t get over how we interact with the world these days. I’m trying to imagine how this would’ve gone down “back in the day”. Somehow, I would’ve seen this person’s content in a book or magazine or heard it on the radio? I’d sit down and send an email or write an actual letter with pen and paper. *gasp* Then sight unseen, I would’ve agreed to do a project with this person. I guess those kind of things happened even “back in the day”, but maybe not with the the same ease. It’s kinda weird isn’t it?

P.S. Two of my favorite books on extrinsic rewards: Punished by Rewards by Alfie Kohn and Drive by Daniel Pink.

  1. This is the plus of the pandemic for me: because we cannot meet, we’ve widened our ways with the world. “I’m trying to imagine how this would’ve gone down in the day.” Truth is, it probably would never have happened. Go for it! This sounds like a terrific collaboration.

  2. glenda funk says:

    This is an inspiring story about the power of online collaborations. I’ve met wonderful educators w/ whom I’ve collaborated and formed friendships online. These relationships shrink the glove and make teachers feel less alone in a profession that often isolated.

  3. amyilene says:

    As a fellow Gen X’er I often think about the differences, for better and for worse! And I adore Alfie Kohn….he was the foundation of my master’s thesis a thousand years ago when I was still formulating my teacher brain!

  4. MegMcCormick says:

    What a fun story- I am so glad you had a chance to work with this educator. Also, loved your title and the honest confession of clickbait hehe.

  5. arjeha says:

    There is so much that is available through technology that was not around when I was younger. Making contact and collaborating is much easier than it once was.



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