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Yesterday I put on my work pants and heels for the first time in a year just for sh*%@s and giggles. (This is what over a year of lockdown will do to you apparently.)

Y’all, I. am. not. ready. for real work clothes yet. BUT after getting our second vaccine dose this weekend, more businesses opening up this week, returning to “normal” life is feeling closer and closer. Here are some things I’m ready for and some that I’m not.

5 things I’m ready for…
• hugging friends and family again
• eating out at restaurants
• live entertainment (concerts, musicals, theater)
• traveling
• in-person dance classes

3 things I’m NOT ready for…
• commuting in LA traffic
• leaving the dog home by herself during the work day
• work clothes that seem to have shrunk

What are your ready for?

  1. I will bet that your dog isn’t ready for you to return to work either! I do not envy an LA commute, but I wish you all the best. I hear there’s plenty of time to apply make-up (make-up?!) during the commute for all the stopping. There’s a plus, maybe?

  2. Pam Ela says:

    My work clothes did that too. Maybe there’s a weird thing that happens when they hang in the closet too long?

    I was looking for a post idea… This is a good one! Thanks!

  3. amyilene says:

    I am so ready for hugs…and a little bit of middle school chaos! Our building is so quiet and the masks mute everything!!

  4. arjeha says:

    I am ready to just leave the house and not have to worry if people are masked properly or not. I an ready for meeting friends for a two hour lunch. I am ready for my second shot on Saturday.

  5. WOWilkinson says:

    Good idea for a slice. On your list of things you’re not ready for, I’m reminded of a tweet I read this summer. It showed a cartoon dog asking, “What did I do wrong?” and was labeled Post-Pandemic.

    I’m ready for traveling to new places. Sometimes, I’ll be eating breakfast and I’ll flashback to a pitstop on a random road trip and feel this sense of longing.

  6. Lainie Levin says:

    Ready: to hug my mama. Not ready: to wear real pants. Ready: to find myself a beach somewhere. Not ready: to wear a swimsuit. Hmmm…methinks I see a trend!

  7. rdicarne says:

    I wrote about the same thing tonight! I am ready for hugging my grandkids, a few other things, and a massage!!

  8. I’m ready to see my parents, to see my wife’s aunt and uncle (second parents to her), and to hug it out with a number of people.

    We’ve been face to face since the beginning fo the year, so I got nothing about work clothing! 🙂 But, I understand all the same.

    Thanks for sharing your slice with us today! 🙂



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