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Getting to workout on most Friday mornings at a not-so-ungodly hour has been one of the pandemic silver linings that I am grateful for. This workout group is almost always made up of fierce females.

Here’s a list of F-words in their honor:


Happy Friday everyone!

  1. amyilene says:

    What a fresh (!) take on the F words!! Enjoy your fabulous, Friday morning fun

  2. Lainie Levin says:

    There’s something amazing about a sisterhood of women who work out together. I’ve migrated from group to group depending on when I go (ranging from 5am to 6:30 pm) but one thing remains the same. The strength and beauty and solidarity of the people around me is INSPIRING. Thanks for this post, which reminded me of the deep appreciation I have for strong women in all forms.

  3. I love your “F word” list. Being the token male in a female-dominated field, I see these traits daily with the women I work with at school. My hope, I can keep up with their own fierceness! 🙂

    Happy Friday to you!



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