Hey there! I'm Vivian. Sometimes I write about life and sometimes I write about teaching.

I saved this post from Darin Johnston for a day like today, a day when I have things I to write about, but not now.

Currently I am…

Reading: The 1619 Project, 55 Essential Writing Strategies, and listening to Tell Me More. The 1619 Project is so good and should be required reading for all Americans, but I can only read a little at a time. So then I turn to 55 Essential Writing Strategies. I wish I had known about this book before. It’s such an entertaining read about…writing strategies. And because I’m on the road so much I needed an audiobook for times I just don’t feel like listening to a podcast.

Drinking: Citron honey tea-I don’t know exactly what goes into it, but you can get a jar of this jam-like concoction at an Asian market. You just put a few spoonfuls into a cup and add hot or cold water to it. It’s citrusy, sweet, and the perfect complement to a spicy meal.

Hoping: For some subs to come through for a school I am working with. I don’t think I have to say more about this one.

Eating: Pizza. Sometimes no one wants to cook and a slice of cheesy pizza covered in jalpeños and mushrooms is the answer. What do you put on your pizza?

Thinking: About possibilities. I’m onto a new adventure next year. It’s scary, but I’m ready for a change.

Listening to: The Bridgerton soundtrack from Vitamin C. A friend is playing piano at a thing called The Bridgerton Experience. I’m trying to get inspired before we get tickets to partake.

Wanting to: Be on spring break! Our break seems to be later than everyone else’s this year. =/ But I won’t complain because we’re headed to Mexico.

And that’s how I am currently. You?

  1. It’s fun to get a glimpse of this moment in time for you. I like the categories you’ve chosen for what’s going on currently. The “thinking about” and “hoping” and “wanting” are ones I haven’t seen in other posts, and I really like them.

  2. What a fantastic idea for a slice! Like you, I keep reading about everyone starting their spring break. I have three more weeks . . . not sure I can make it til then! I’d take vegetables on my pizza 🙂 and I am currently hoping that I will have enough substitutes tomorrow knowing that it’s highly unlikely.

  3. This is my favorite kind of slice. So much information to process about your day. My one question to you, what is your new adventure? Or has that been shared already? 🙂

    A great slice today, Vivian! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Trish says:

    Love this slice, like everyone else. Playa del Carmen beckons, pizza (I love mushrooms and red onion), and I’m a sub who just turned down a job so I could swim this morning and feeling a tad sorry that I’m selfish! Excited about possibilities—every darn day. Have a great one!

  5. arjeha says:

    I like this format because it puts us in the moment. It also tells so much about you without having to say, “This is about me.”

  6. I always love a Currently slice. Can’t believe I never made it to this format this month. Here’s to possibilities!



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