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For the last five years maybe (I’ve lost count), almost every full moon, my husband and I join a community bike ride called Moonlight Mash. It’s an easy ride along the beach path and through the streets of Long Beach. My husband stumbled upon this event somewhere on social media when it was only one month old. Then, there were about 30ish riders. Now there are easily over 100 on any given month.

We love this ride, even though statistically it falls on a weeknight more often than not and it doesn’t start until close to our bedtime…8 pm. We love it because it brings together an eclectic group of people, mostly locals, that are diverse in age, ethnicity, race, occupations, everything. We also love it because there’s alway a theme and an encouragement to dress up for the ride. And of course, who doesn’t love an after party? Well, we don’t because we like to sleep, but sometimes it’s fun.

Tonight the theme is “Folklore, Cryptids, and Leprechauns”. It’s been a busy week so in a little bit I’ll look in the garage and cross my fingers that my tutu and fairy wings are in a box somewhere in there.

Can you guess what some of the other themes were?

The time I got my bike stolen.
Sometimes we don’t dress up.
  1. Amy Ellerman says:

    What a joyful tradition! I can see why once you started, you’ve continued to ride–even on a weeknight!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Vivian I love this post and the image it creates for finding joy in moonlight rides with someone you love. Thank you.

  3. Debbie Lynn says:

    What a fun tradition! 🙂

  4. arjeha says:

    What a fun thing to do.



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