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Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and what did he want to do to celebrate? He wanted to see Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden fame, except Bruce wouldn’t be singing, he’d be speaking. I was dubious, but since it was for the hub’s birthday I bought tickets for us and our two sons.

Wow, what a journey. He spoke for two hours straight plus another 40 minutes answering questions from the audience. During this show he told stories about his childhood, his path to metal stardom, his life as a pilot, and his continuing artistic endeavors. Who knew this guy had such a life?! (I know there’s a lesson about a book and a cover here, but forgive me.)

His life story also includes a bout with cancer which is where he developed the catchphrase in the title, “Life is better than all the other options.” At first I thought, well, when you have a life like his…” But after a bit of reflection I remembered that there is much beauty in a life that may seem relatively ordinary. You don’t have to be the frontman of a mega rock band to choose life as the best option.

For your listening pleasure an Iron Maiden and others Spotify channel.

  1. arjeha says:

    Sounds like an eye opening evening. We think we know something we really don’t. Yes, there is beauty in the ordinary. We have the ability to choose the path our life takes and back in its uniqueness.

  2. tenilleshade says:


    Loved hearing about your concert experience with your hubby. I suppose a battle with cancer would certainly make anyone develop a deeper appreciation for each breath we take. Looking forward to reading your post during the next few weeks. So glad our paths continue to cross!

  3. Alice says:

    Ooh, interesting piece. “Life is better than all the other options.” That’s a golden nugget of wisdom that is making me think hard and deep.

  4. britt says:

    I love a deep and thought provoking encounter when it’s least expected. Happy birthday to your hubs; I’m glad y’all had a good evening!!

  5. >You don’t have to be the frontman of a mega rock band to choose life as the best option.<

    I love this ending, especially to a slice about Iron Maiden! What an unexpected slice. Thank you for sharing your husband's present with the rest of us! 🙂

  6. lvahey says:

    I got lured in by your “blurb” in the comments section and am so glad I clicked. I’m also loving that nugget of metal wisdom, “Life is better than all the other options” – of course, I hear it as a ballad in my head, but I’m willing to rock out that mantra, too!



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