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I have a little confession. I was starting to like meeting on Zoom and working from home.

Or so I thought.

Here’s what I liked, sometimes loved: not commuting to and from work (if you’re from Southern California, you know what a big deal this is); not having to pack materials to take to school (and then inevitably realizing you forgot something); not worrying about what tech would be available to me or not (after so many months, my home set up had everything); not having to pack lunch (foraging in the fridge midday was so much more fun than another PB&J); not having to put on pants that didn’t have an elastic waistband (I’m transitioning with dress leggings right now). So many things I didn’t have to do! This is actually great I told myself. But deep down I wasn’t feeling it.

Last week I went back to working in-person for the new year and it turns out I’m a people who needs people! I’m split down the middle between introvert/extrovert and over the past year, I could feel that introverted side of me slowly taking over. But once I got into that room filled with teachers, my extroverted side came roaring back.

Seeing people milling around the morning pastry table, overhearing little jokes passed between colleagues, watching people take notes or snap pictures–I missed all of these little things. And of course, there’s just the energy you feel in the air when you’re learning alongside people that you just can’t get from a computer screen. This palpable energy is worth the drive, worth investing in button-up pants, and you know what, I love PB&Js!

  1. arjeha says:

    We often don’t realize how much we’ve missed something until we get it back. Humans are social animals and we need/crave that social interaction. OK, I admit that there are some who prefer isolation – not me.

  2. Lakshmi Bhat says:

    Online is just online, meeting people in person and being together is life.

  3. Praying that I experience a similar excitement tomorrow. I love the playfulness in the phrase “it turns out I’m a people who needs people!” What a great way to describe yourself!

  4. Amy Ellerman says:

    I can relate to this! For me, it’s the inertia of transitioning back. I get too comfortable working from home, we head back to in-person and at first I’m dreading it, and once I’m there, I’m so happy to be there. Today was our first day back all in the same room together, and it was amazing. So much energy from being around people.

  5. Lisa Corbett says:

    I think I’ve missed it too (seeing people, not wearing nice pants!) But then other times I think I could hole up in my house with just my family forever!

  6. Lainie Levin says:

    This is all so relatable. I definitely lean toward the introverted side, so being on my own so much during COVID wasn’t too horrible. But yes, I’ve also realized how much I miss being with other people from time to time – all of those small moments you mention like the snapshots, the jokes, the conversation. And yes, I may have some work to do in the pants department as well…



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